Alexandra DeSanto is a fourth-year student at UC Santa Barbara majoring in Film and Media Studies and minoring in Professional Writing (Multimedia Communication emphasis). She is a former staff writer for UCSB's award-winning newspaper The Daily Nexus and has held several positions writing web content for small businesses and organizations. She currently works as a Production Assistant at UCSB's Pollock Theater, where she films live Q&A discussions with filmmakers and scholars for UCTV broadcasts. Alexandra's education in film and writing has fostered her passion for both visual and written storytelling.

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This website was created as part of the Raab Writing Fellowship Program at UCSB, a program aimed at developing the academic and professional writing of students via one-on-one work with Writing Program faculty. Alexandra grew up with animals and has always been fascinated with the human-animal bond and the impact of pets on human health and well-being. This website serves to explore the need for ESAs and the growing issues surrounding this need. It is intended to be used as a resource for those who wish to obtain an ESA, those who already own an ESA, and any establishments or businesses required to accommodate ESAs.

Thank you to the generous support of Diane Raab for making this project possible. And to my mentoring professor, Janet Mizrahi, for your continued guidance in web content writing and for selecting me to be your mentee for this fellowship.

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